Duration Time Calculations

The Module, Course and Total Training duration times for users completed in our new player that appear in the trainee's results and the reporting are currently being calculated in Mindflash as follows:

Module duration time =  Module Completion Timestamp - Module Start Timestamp

Course Duration = Summation of All Module Durations within the course

Total Training Duration = Summation of all Course Durations within the account

Please note that if a user/trainee starts a module, but then stops to take a break before finishing it or logging out of their account our system has no way of knowing when they actually took a break within that module. Therefore, it may show an inflated module duration time for that trainee. 

Additionally, there is a cap on the duration of 24 days. Should this be the case on the duration time for a user's module then it will appear in the UI as 596:31:23.

That being said, courses that contain very large modules are more likely to be impacted by it. We always recommend having smaller modules within your courses to better align with learning and developing best practices.

Should you have any questions regarding the duration calculations mentioned above please feel free to reach out to our help desk at help@mindflash.com or call us at 1-877-771-1900 with your questions for support.

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