Connecting Mindflash and Shopify via Zapier

You can connect your Mindflash and Shopify accounts together via Zapier. This is helpful if your team would like content to be purchased using Shopify, and delivered via Mindflash.

Teams are responsible for setting up this connection themselves - as the Mindflash support folks don't have access to your Zapier or Shopify accounts to assist. Below are some helpful tips to help get you along on the right path.

To set this up, you need to have active Mindflash, Zapier and Shopify accounts. 

First, complete a test sale in Shopify. This will allow you to pull the correct data in to Zapier. When setting up the sale in Zapier, make sure you have checked to require "Email Only", "First name and Last name" to pull over the correct data:

Once you have sent over a test purchase you can call this data via Zapier:

Lastly you use the ‘custom’ option to select the freshly synced sample data from Shopify, which will now map to Mindflash:

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