Getting Started for Trainees

Taking your first course in Mindflash? Watch below or read on to learn more!

The most common way for Trainees to get started is via an email invitation to a Course. When they click on the link in their email, they will be asked to set their password.

Note that passwords must contain at least 8 characters: one uppercase, one lowercase letter, a number, and a special character (!@#$). 

They can then use this email and password combination to access their online training.

If they already have a Mindflash account but don't remember their password, it can be reset following these steps.

Slide Navigation

Once they are in their Course, they will be met with the intro slide:

Score Requirement: If one is set, it will be displayed before the trainee enters the course.

Course Drawer: This is the "drawer" which brings up the slides in the course. It allows them to easily review the content. They cannot jump ahead to content they have not viewed. Trainee can also navigate back home from here.

Navigation: A left and right arrow will appear for the trainee to navigate the course. 

Video Content

If they view a video or a slide with animation or audio, they will see additional player controls below:


If quizzes are included, the quiz page will show the number of questions in the quiz and the number of tries each question allows.

There are six different question types, each with its own distinctive look and ways to select the correct answer.

If the response is correct, there will be a green "CORRECT" indicator. They can move forward by clicking on the right arrow button.

If the response is incorrect, it will be indicated as such by the color red. If multiple attempts has been enabled they will see the option to try again. Once submitted, if Show Correct Answers is enabled the option to see the correct answer will appear.

Note: If there is a handout associated with the Module, this will be available in one of three areas.

  • Trainee Dashboard, which can be accessed by clicking on the House Icon
  • Introduction slide (First Slide) of the Module
  • Recap slide (Final Slide) of the module 

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