How to add multiple users to a Group

If you're adding new groups to your account and you need to add a bunch of existing users to those groups, it can seem a little daunting at first. Do not fear! This article will you walk you through the steps to utilize bulk actions in order to add existing users to your groups. We'll start with the groups already created, so make sure you've created your groups

For this example, I have created a new user group called "Seattle" and I would like to add users who are in Seattle to this group. I will be using a couple custom fields to meet this need. 

1. Filter for Users

  1. Go to the Users section on the left hand navigation pane
  2. Click on the Advanced Filters link
  3. Select the filters you need. In this example, I have custom fields set up for teams, so I have added a filter for the two custom fields for my users who are based in Seattle. You can also filter for only active users, other groups, emails, etc. 
  4. Click the Search button
  5. Your User grid will update to include the users who match this search criteria. In this example, my grid now includes all of my users who have "Reign FC" or "Seattle Storm" for the "Team" custom field. 


2. Select All Users & Manage

  1. Select all users by selecting the check box in the top left hand corner of the Users grid
  2. Select the "Manage" button towards the top right hand corner of the page


3. Add users to Group

  1. A new window will appear from the right. Select the "Groups" tab. A list of all the groups the selected users are in will appear.
  2. Select the "Edit" button.
  3. Click on the "Add Group" prompt and select the Group you need these users to be a part of. In my example, I am selecting the "Seattle" Group by clicking on the name of the Group. You will now see the group listed. 


4. Save Changes

  1. Ensure the correct group is listed.  
  2. Select the "Save" button. 



Now all of those users are in the new group. You may need to repeat these steps if you have to filter multiple times. 

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