How do I export trainees at the module level?

With our Real-Time reports, you can export a trainee's progress for a specific Module contained in a Course.

You begin by clicking on "Courses" on the left navigation. Then, click on the Course name that contains the module with the reporting information you're looking for followed by clicking on the "Modules" tab in the course. Next click on the module name, which will show the list of trainees.

Then, you will need to click on the "Export Data" drop-down menu and click on "All Trainees" button which will automatically download the report to Excel for you.The report is limited to the module you are viewing. The default columns on the exported report are: Name, Email, Progress, Score and Quiz Scores.

Here are the exact steps with screenshots:

1. On the left navigation, click Courses. 

2. Next, select desired course and right panel window will appear.

3. Click the Modules tab and click on the specific module that you would like the report on.


4. Next, click "Export Data".

5. Select "All Trainees", then an Excel file will download.



PLEASE NOTE:  Since our update, Modules must be in a Course in order to export trainee data. 



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