How do I create and manage a group?

Groups are a phenomenal way to organize your users. You can filter reports by group and bulk invite groups to courses. There is no limit to the number of groups you can have in your account or the number of groups a single user can be added to. 

Create a group

First go to the Users section from the left hand navigation menu. In the top right hand corner, select Groups from the Set Up drop down menu. 


You will be taken to the group management page, showing you a list of all the groups you have in your account. If you are an Administrator, Trainer, or Manager who has access to all users you will see a yellow Create Group button in the top right corner. Click on the yellow Create Group button to create a new group. 


Type in a group name and press enter. Once a group has been created you can click on the group name on the left, and have the group details appear on the right. Click the pencil icons to edit the group name and/or add and remove group members.




Entire Groups of Trainees can be Invited to Courses from the Invite screens within a Course.  Just click on the Group name and check the box to select all of the Trainees.  



If you'd like to set group permissions so only certain users have access to view information for some of your groups, you can follow the directions in this article: How to restrict group permissions for certain users

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