Modules vs Courses

Think of Modules and Courses in the terms of books. Modules are the chapters within a book, whereas a Course is the book itself. Think of your favorite book. What's the title of it? That is the name of the Course. The content inside of it would be the Modules, separated by chapters like chapter books.

Modules are where you upload your content using existing training materials, such as PowerPoint slide decks, Word/PDF documents, SCORM, and video. These type of Modules are known as On Demand modules. To track offline training, you would create an In Person module.

Courses are comprised of one or more Modules. To distribute training to your Trainees, you enroll your Trainees in a Course containing the module(s) you want them to complete. 

For detailed instructions on how to build and launch your online training, please refer to the following articles:

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