How to create a Module

Modules are the focal point of Mindflash and likely where you will spend the most amount of time. Fortunately, creating a module is easy!  This Help Article will lead you through the basics and offer a few tips.

To begin, on the left navigation pane;, select “Module” and click “Create Module” in the top right.

You will be presented with two options (Premium and Enterprise customers):

  1. On-Demand (Trainees can take this module at any time)
  2. In-Person (Track attendance and grades from live training. The Content tab will not be available)

Once you have created your new module, you will be sent to the Manage tab. From here you can start building your module.


The Manage tab is where you will start setting up your module:

1. Module Information: Add the title of your module and a description.

2. Module Settings: Set the minimum passing score, which will take the average across all quizzes to determine their Module score. For more information about setting passing requirements, please refer to this help article.

3. Handouts: Handouts are files that your Trainees will be able to download and keep.  This is not necessarily for module content. Handouts are typically used for information that is supplemental in nature.  Items like handbooks, product manuals, etc. are common candidates for Handouts. 



The Content tab is where you will work on uploading your content and setting up the order of your slides (Only visible for On-Demand modules). This is also the place to use our recording audio feature. 




1. Files can be added and arranged within your course from the Arrange window.  To add additional content, or a quiz, click on the insert button on the left side of the screen. To rearrange content, please refer to these instructions

2. All Content files, Quizzes, and Surveys are represented at the left side of this screen with their file name visible. On the right, you will see the slides themselves. 




Tip:  The arranger's view can be switched by clicking on "See Slide Detail" or "See All Slides"

3. The Files section is also where you can record audio on your slides. Audio can be added to the Intro and Recap slides, PowerPoint, PDF, and Word documents. It cannot be added to Quizzes or Surveys. To add audio to your module, here is how you can do so.

4. You can set the default Cover Slide for your Module in the Arranger. 

5. Slides can be hidden by clicking the eye icon above the slide.  For PDFs and Word docs, you can choose between pages being displayed individually or as one long scrolling document.

6. Lastly, click the “Done” button to save your work.

Note: Surveys can be added at the end of a Course. A “Survey” button appears after selecting the “Insert” button, in the files tab.


Once you're done with your Module, you can add it to a Course and invite your trainees to complete their training.

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