Before Getting Started with Your Online Course

In order to create an effective and engaging online course, there are several things you need to consider. Answer these three questions before launching your first course on Mindflash:

1)  WHO needs to be involved?

  • How many people will be managing the rollout of Mindflash? Are they all comfortable with the features and functionality? If not, feel free to pass along the link to our Help Center.

2)  HOW will you organize your users?

  • Are you training your entire company or a segment of your company? If you are training customer or partners, are you pushing out generic courses or customized curriculum for each contact? Groups are a great way to segment your trainee population. They can also be used as filters in reports.
  • How large is your user list? Will it change frequently? There are several ways to upload and manage user lists, but you should have a plan for which one works best for you program BEFORE you launch.


3)  WHEN will you launch?

  • What’s your timeline for launching your courses? Do you plan on pushing everything out at once or do you plan on a phased rollout? Either way you should have a clear idea of specific dates and communicate those dates to your trainees. We recommend sending out an email at least a week prior to inviting users to communicate what Mindflash is and why/how your organization will use it.

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