Adding a Custom Domain

For certain training programs, you may want to use a custom domain so you can better represent your brand to your trainees. The custom domain feature allows you to use a domain such as instead of for your trainees. Custom domains are offered on the Premium and Enterprise tiers.

In order to use a custom domain you must own, and have control of, the DNS zone you want to use for your custom domain. You may need help from your IT department, or whoever is responsible for DNS management at your company, in order to complete the custom domain configuration.

 The process is completed in the following two phases:

Phase 1:

Mindflash will generate the custom certificates and give you the records you need to put in your DNS to allow our system to validate the certificates.

 Phase 2:

Once we verify your certificates (usually within 24 hours of them completing Phase 1) we will enable your account and give you one more record to enter that points to our system.

Here are few things to note:

  • All users will need to access Mindflash using your new custom domain, including Trainers, Managers, and Administrators.
  • All domains, including custom domains, use https and are fully secure.
  • Your original domain will still work, but will redirect to the new custom domain.
  • If you downgrade from the Premium or Enterprise plan your custom domain will cease to work.
  • The Mindflash support team is not able to troubleshoot issues with 3rd party DNS providers. You will need to contact your own IT support department if any issues occur.
  • If you use a CNAME such as your users will use to access your training portal. The url will redirect to


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