Publishing Articulate Storyline 360 SCORM content

To get the best results when using Articulate Storyline files in Mindflash, follow these publishing instructions.

STEP 1: First you will set the story size. Remember that your course may be viewed on various devices and different sized computer screens. To have your file fit and work for the largest number of people use Storyline's default settings. To check the size first go click on "Story Size":


The default settings to choose are the following: 

STEP 2: Then you will want to go to the Player settings and go to the Options section. 

In the Options section in the Player size section you may want to choose "Scale player to fill browser window".  This will tell the project to grow or shrink in size depending on how big the trainees browser is. This setting is not mandatory.

STEP 3: Once you have the size set and your project is setup as you want you are ready to publish the file. 

Here you need to make sure you select "LMS" on the left.  
Then choose to "Include HTML5 output". 
Lastly make sure "SCORM 1.2" is selected. 

STEP 4: Next you will want to makes sure your "Reporting and Tracking" settings are correct. 

On the Reporting tab make sure your LMS reporting setting is set to "Passed/Failed".

On the Tracking tab you will have two options.  If your file has no quiz choose "Track using the number of slides viewed".

If you have a quiz in the course choose the "Track using quiz result".  The page you choose from the dropdown should be the quiz results page you create in the project. 

STEP 5: Once you have your settings correct you can return to the first publishing screen and click to "Publish" your file.

Finally, you will need to Zip the published content. This .zip file is what you will upload to Mindflash. 

STEP 6: You are now ready to go into Mindflash and upload the .zip file you have created. 

For more information on exporting Storyline 360 files for LMS use, please consult the Articulate 360 Support Center here. 

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