How to place content in the middle of a quiz

When creating a quiz and adding content to your Module, you have the ability to rearrange your content type  (PowerPoint, Word document, Video, etc.) within your quiz. To start, select the desired Module from the Modules section. From the Content tab, click the "Add and Arrange Content" button.


Once in the Arrange window, there are two ways to rearrange your content within a quiz.

The first option is to select the "See Slide Detail" button. 



All your individual slides will be on the left side of the page. Now, click on the slide you want to move and drag to the desired location within the quiz.



 The second option is from the "See all slides" view. You will see a list of files you have in your module on the left hand side and thumbnail views of each slide on the right. Select the slide you want to move. 


Then drag the slide to the desired location within the quiz. 



There is no limit to the number of slides you can have mixed in with quiz questions. If you attempt to move a quiz slide, it will move the entire quiz. So, if you'd like to have content and quiz slides mixed in, you will need to move the content slide to be located within the quiz slides. 


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