How to add content to a Module

Once you have created a new Module, or have decided to use an existing Module, add content by going to the Content tab for the Module and clicking "Add and Arrange Content"


After clicking the "Add and Arrange Content" button, you will be taken to the Arrange screen.

Here, click the "+ Insert" button to add content.




You can choose to import content from your computer, Box or DropBox, or insert a YouTube video. In addition to uploading existing content, you can also create a Quiz or Survey. Select your desired content type to add to your Module. 


If you select to import files from your computer (.ppt, .docx, .pdf, major video files, or SCORM 1.2 for those on Premium or Enterprise plans), you will select the file from your computer and the click upload. Mindflash will go through a two-step process of importing and converting the file. 


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