How to replace files in a Module

If you have made changes to your content and are looking to replace your old file, this can be done quickly in the module. To begin, from the left-hand navigation select Modules. Then select the desired Module and click the Content tab. Once on the Content tab, click "Add and Arrange Content" button. 


Once in the Arranger window, select the file you are looking to replace. After the desired file has been selected, click the "Replace" button. In the new pop-up window, drag new file to the window or select from "Choose file." Lastly, after the file has been dragged or selected, the new file will begin to upload. 



The new file will take the place of the old file within the module so you shouldn't have to rearrange the slides. However, if your new file has a different number of slides, you may need to adjust if you have the file mixed with the other files within your module. 

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