How to add Module handouts

What are Handouts?

Handouts are a great way to supplement your main training material. You can upload any type of file as a handout, such as Word/PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Mindflash allows you to add up to four handouts at any time within a Module. Your trainees can then download this additional training material straight from the Module itself.

How do I add Handouts to my Modules?

Under the Manage tab, you will click “Edit Module Details” button.

Next, in the Handout section, click the  “Upload” button.

 A upload file window will appear and you can drag the file or Choose Files. The files will then be listed within the Handouts box. Click Save to save your uploads. 

 From the Trainees point of view, these handouts will appear as attachments to the intro slide once the trainee clicks into the Module to begin their training. 

Note: If you like to upload more than four Handouts, you can upload a .zip folder as a single Handout. Within that folder, there could be as many files as you need as long as the .zip folder itself is not larger than 1GB.

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