How to reuse previous module score

Can my trainees reuse scores from Modules they have already completed?

If the Module you created is a part of more than one Course, you have the option of allowing Trainees to reuse their module score from one course to another. This way Trainees will not be required to complete the same material again.

To set this up:

  • On the Settings tab of the course, click on Edit in the top right

  • Check the "Allow trainees to reuse scores from modules" box and hit "Save"

Please note: In order for the completion data to update in a new course, the trainee will need to select the module in the new course as if they were going to begin the module. From there, the trainees will be given the option to either reuse the score or retake the module. Once they select the “Reuse” option, the module completion data will update.

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