How to reactivate an archived module

Is it possible to reactivate training that I've Archived?

The answer is, yes! You have the ability to reactivate any module that you have previously archived within your Mindflash account.

If you want to re-activate an archived module:

  1. Click Modules from the left side of the page.
  2. Next, depending if a filter has been set, select either Advanced Filters or Filters next to the Search box. 

      3. In Advanced Filter, next to State, is a drop down menu. Select Archived and click “Search”

4. Next, select the desired Archived Module. A right window will appear. Under the “Module Actions” drop down menu, click the “Reactivate” button.

5. After the module has been reactivated, you will be able to add this module to a course and invite trainees.

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