Publishing Captivate 8 and 9 SCORM content

To get the best results when using Adobe Captivate 8 or 9 files in Mindflash, follow these publishing instructions. Captivate files can be uploaded on the Trial, Premium, and Enterprise Tiers.

1. First you will set the project size. Remember that your course may be viewed on various devices and different sized computer screens. Here are some guidelines on choosing a size:

If you choose to use a very slim play-bar you will want to export to 1024 x 700 or put the play-bar at the top of the project.

If you choose a taller play-bar you could export to 1024 x 738.

2. To set this up go to "Modify" in the toolbar and then select "Rescale project"

3. Once the Rescale window appears you can set your "User defined" width and height:
 4. Once you have the size set you will want to go and publish the file. Click the publish icon from the toolbar:

Below is the "Publish" window. You will want to make sure you have titled your Project and that it is going to save to the correct folder.

Note: check to make sure your settings match the highlighted settings below. These are the most important settings and will help to ensure your project works in Mindflash.

5. Once you have checked the settings on the screen below, click the link next to "eLearning Output". It will either say "Disabled" or "SCORM 1.2".

6. The link next to "eLearning Output" reveals a few more settings, we are going to focus on the quiz settings. Even if your course does not have a quiz, you will need to follow some of these steps.

  • All files regardless of having a quiz or not need to be set to "SCORM 1.2"
  • All files regardless of having a quiz or not need to be set to "Incomplete --> Passed/Failed"
  • If your file DOES NOT have a quiz only select "Slide views" 
  • If your file DOES have a quiz you can select both "Slide views" and "Quiz is passed". "Quiz is passed" must be selected. 

7. Next go to the Settings tab. 

  • If your file has a quiz you need to set this to Required. If you do not have a quiz, you can set this to optional or required. 
  • It is a good idea to hide the play-bar when Trainees are in the quiz. This will prevent them from inadvertently skipping the quiz and failing the course. 

8. The Pass or Fail tab is most important when your file has a quiz. 

  • Set a passing score for the file. The score won't matter because passing/failing is determined by the score you set for the course, inside Mindflash. However the text that appears for trainees might be affected, depending on how you have created your course. It is best to have the same score here as you have set inside the course interface in Mindflash.
  • Only allow for one attempt here. If you want to allow for more attempts you will need to do that when you are setting up your quiz, on the quiz properties level. Setting multiple attempts here will cause your trainee to get stuck in the middle of their quiz. 

9. Once you have gone through these settings return to the main publishing page and click "Publish".

Once your file has completed the Publishing flow you will need to go to Mindflash and upload the new .zip file that was created. 

Note: Mindflash supports Adobe Captivate versions 7, 8 and 9.

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