Where do I find and export Survey Reports?

When a survey is included as part of a Module, the survey report can be exported to view trainee feedback.

After logging into the Admin portal, select Courses from the left Navigation panel. Locate the Course either by entering the course name in the search field or by scrolling through the list of courses. Once you have located the course, click on the appropriate row.


The Course page will open to the right of the screen. From the selection of tab across the top of the page, click on the Modules tab. On the modules page, you will see a list of modules. Click on the blue hyperlinked module name.


When the Module page opens, you will see three button choices in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Press the "Reports" button and then press the "Survey Report" button from the drop-down list.  

The survey report will show the trainee answers/responses for each survey question and to export the information you will  press the "Export Data" button which will download it to Excel on your computer/device.

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