How do I reset trainees in a Course?

Reset (formally called reinvite) resets a trainee's progress in a module or course. 

Clicking reset puts the trainee back into a "Invited" status. They are sent an invitation email and will allow them to restart the course again from the beginning. 

If a trainee was in a missed deadline state or their deadline was approaching, resetting them will delete the trainee's progress and the deadline countdown will be reset as well. 

Reset is also helpful in cases where the trainee got a failing score or just wants to take the module or course over again. 

You have the option to reset a module or an entire course. Resetting a trainee in a course will delete all their progress in all the modules in the course. You may also want to reset them in only one or two modules in the course, which is also possible. 

How To:

You can reset a Trainee by navigating to the Course Trainee Tab. Check mark box next to trainee names, then click “Trainee Actions” and click "Reset" for the selected trainee you wish to reset.

If you just need to reset them for the Module within the Course, click the name of the trainee. Next, click the Reset button next to the module they need to be reset. This will only reset the module and not the entire Course.

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