How do I create a Custom Certificate?

Custom Certificates are available only on the Enterprise Tier.

To create a Custom Certificate, navigate to the Course and select the “Settings” tab. Next, click  “Edit” and under the Certificates Section select “Change Certificate Style”.


A pop-up window will appear with our ready made certificates and below will click “Custom Certificate” and then “Create Custom Certificate.”

Note: If you do not see the Custom Certificate option, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our support team at

  1. Download a Template:

Clicking here will download a template which will provide you, or your designer, a guideline of where text on the certificate may show up. More information about how to use the template is here.

  1. Upload a Background Image:

Once you have created a certificate image, clicking “Upload a Background Image” will allow you to upload the image in .png or .jpg format. The image will display as the certificate background below.

  1. Download PDF Preview:

If you already have a trainee in this module or course, you will see a list of all those Trainees in alphabetical order in the search box. Clicking “Download PDF Preview” will download a preview of the Custom Certificate. We encourage you to try this to ensure the Custom Certificate you created has the look and feel you intended. At anytime, you can search for any trainee that is in the module or course and click “Download PDF Preview” to preview a certificate for that selected trainee. If no trainee is selected, it will default to the logged in Admin or Trainer information.

Each Custom Certificate will allow you to select up to 11 different fields to be displayed on the certificate. The fields and descriptions are listed below. 

  1. Trainee Name: The trainee’s first and last name
  2. Company Name: Your organization’s name.
  3. Module or Course Score: The score that the trainee received after completing the module or course
  4. Module or Course Name: The title of the module or course
  5. Completion Date: The date that the trainee completed the module or course
  6. Trainer Name: The trainer’s name for the course
  7. Blank: Choosing this field will display no text and be left blank. This can be used if you choose to not display anything in that location.
  8. Text Field: Choosing this field allows you to enter any text you choose to. For example, you can enter “Congratulations” and it will display “Congratulations” in the space where you selected the field.
  9. Any Custom field: You can select any of the 10 custom fields that are available that you are using. When a custom field is selected, it will display the title of the custom field, along with the entry. For example, if the custom field is “Job Title” and the entry is “Engineer”, then the text will display on the certificate “Job Title: Engineer”.

Select the fields of your choice, and click “Apply” at the top. This will save the certificate.

Once created, every trainee who successfully completed this particular module or course will receive this certificate. You can revert back to the default Mindflash certificate templates at anytime should you decide not to use the Custom Certificate option. The Custom Certificate you created will be saved in case you would like to use it again in the future.

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