How to mark a trainee complete in an In Person module

Because there isn't any action a trainee must take to complete an In Person module within the Mindflash system (they just need to show up to the training!), a trainer or administrator needs to manually mark them as completed. 

To start, you will go to the Courses section from the left hand navigation menu. Locate and click on the name of the Course with the In Person module included. Then, go to the Modules tab on the Course page. Click on the hyperlinked name of the In Person module. 


You will be shown a list of all the users in that module. Select the users you need to mark as completed by checking the box next to their name, go to the Trainee Actions drop down menu, select Complete


A calendar will appear. Select the date you held the training, and if enabled, input the score. 

Note: If you selected multiple trainees, the score you enter will be the score for all the trainees selected. If your trainees have different scores, you can select one trainee at a time. 



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