Resetting trainees in a course

If you would like your trainee(s) to retake any of the Modules in a Course, you will need to reset them on the course level. This will erase all their previous progress, including quiz results and survey responses, and require them to start at the beginning.

There are a few options for resetting users, which we'll outline below. 


Bulk reset trainees from the Users page

Reset trainees individually

Reset several, specific trainees


Bulk resetting trainees from selecting Users

You can bulk reset any trainees who are in a Missed Deadline, Passed, or Failed status.

From the Manage tab, click "Users." You will see a list of Trainees and a checkbox next to their Last Name. Checkmark all Trainees that need to be reset in bulk. Then click the "Manage" button, and a right panel window will appear.

Note: Advanced Filters can be used to search for a more detailed list of Trainees.


After clicking Manage, a window will appear with the number of total users that were selected. Next step is to click the Courses tab.

A list of Courses will appear. Select the desired Courses. Next, click the "Take Actions" button.



After clicking Take Actions, there will be a few statuses that will have a number in parenthesis. There will be statuses that are greyed out which means there are no users in that status.

These are the following statuses: Invited, In-Progress, Missed Deadline, Passed, and Failed. Next to the statues is a triangle icon. When clicked, it will expand and show the users name and email address. 

Check mark one or more of the statuses and click Reset. 







Resetting individual trainees 

If you only want to reset one specific trainee, search for the individual user by clicking the Users on the left-hand side. After selecting the user, click the Courses tab. All Courses the user is enrolled will be listed.

1. Now, the option to reset can be accomplished for all Modules by selecting the check marking Course. After selecting the Course, click the "Trainee Actions" button and select "Reset."

Important Note: Resetting a Course will reset all Modules. If only one Module needs to be reset, next step will explain how.



 2. If only one Module needs to be reset, click the name of the Course. After clicking the name of the course, a list of Modules will appear along with the Reset button. Click the Reset button for the desired Module.






Resetting several, specific trainees

From the Left Navigation, click "Courses." Next, click the name of the course and when the right panel window appears, select the Trainees tab. Now, a list of Trainees will be shown and check mark all desired Trainees. Then click "Trainee Actions" and select "Reset."  Click this to reset all trainees in that status.




Note: There are Filters available in the Trainees tab that allows you to search for specific filters or users. Right on top of the Trainee list, is a Filter Search Box and next to it a Filter icon. Use these filters to search for Trainees who are Active/Archived, Invited, In-Progress, Missed Deadline, Passed, or Failed.


Filter Search Box: Look for specific individual Trainee.




Filter Icon: Search for Progress or Trainee State. Also, there are additional Advanced Filters available.


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