Webinar: Learning Catalogs - The Benefits & Best Practices

What are Catalogs anyway? 

Catalogs provide an easy way to group all your Course offerings onto one page. Instead of inviting trainees to specific Courses, Catalogs allow the Trainee to enroll in the items that interest them. Admins can either make the Catalog available to trainees from inside their trainee dashboard or they can distribute the catalog URL to trainees, allowing them to sign up from the external catalog page. Using the Catalogs can cut down on the administrative task of inviting trainees to various modules or courses.

Two very common use cases for Catalogs include:

External customer training:

Programs designed to train their external customers or resellers often want to advertise what training Courses are available. Often these Courses are optional and made available to customers on an as needed basis. Putting all your training Courses into one catalog page gives trainees the opportunity to browse and pick and choose as they see fit. Often programs doing external customer training will decide to make their catalog public, which means that anyone who has access to the catalog can create their own account and enroll.  

Read more about the Public Catalog page access levels.   

Internal employee training:

Training internal employees is often a mix of mandatory training and optional Courses. Most likely Trainers will invite their employees to mandatory training, but will not want to invite them to optional Courses that might clutter their dashboard. This is where a Course Catalog is very useful. Giving employees access to browse and enroll in the optional courses puts the power of choosing which training to take in trainees’ hands.  Often programs doing internal employee training will make their Catalog available to trainees from inside the trainee dashboard. This means that if the trainee logs into their account they will have a Course Catalog toggle, allowing them to browse the catalog(s) and enroll in any Courses therein.

Read more about Catalog access on the Trainee Dashboard.

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